Saturday, 5 August 2017

Week 3

24 August- Cross Country

6th September- MOTAT trip to look at how houses and life has changed over time. More info to follow shortly.

This week:
We are in the process of updating our Essential Spelling word lists to reflect our progress. Thank you for your patience. Regular spelling words will return shortly.

On Friday we began making a mini-city out of boxes. We will continue adding to it this week. We will also be learning about the materials used to make houses and some of the steps taken to build a house. Shortly, Isla's Grandad Kevin will be coming to talk to the class about the process of buying a house. Once we have learned about some of the materials used to make a house, we would like to take a brisk walk around some of the neighbourhood streets to see and collect data on what houses in our neighbourhood are constructed of. If you are free most morning between (9:15 and 10am) and would be happy to chaperone a little group on a walk (with Mrs Kember) please let me know.

In Maths this week, we are exploring partitioning shapes and moving into understanding basic fractions. Our big questions are:

Inquiry Questions • How can a shape be described? • How do shapes fit together and come apart? • What makes shapes different from each other?• What is a 2-dimensional shape? • What is a 3-dimensional shape?

In Writing, we are learning more about plot, problems and solutions in narrative writing. The children are using the overhead transparence to create scenarios and tell stories with problems and solutions orally.

In Reading, we are learning to go deeper with our text-to-self connections. We are also learning to identify the theme in stories we read- this crosses over from the work we did in writing last week.

Have a great week everyone!

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