Sunday, 9 April 2017

A Wonderful 1st Term in M1

Happy Easter Everyone! 
Term One is drawing to a close this week and looking back we can be proud of the amazing things we have achieved over the past 11 weeks. New friends have been made, routines learned, and skills progressed across the curriculum areas. It must be time for a break to recharge, ready for a new term. 

This week is a short week, with school finishing at the regular time of 3:00pm on Thursday. 

We will be exploring the world of poetry this week in Writing by learning to see everyday objects in fresh new ways by using our 'Poet's Eyes.' We will be examine the short poems of Zoe Ryder White to help us do this. We read one of her poems on Thursday last week and mimicked her style of writing, creating our own poems. 

The Ceiling 

The ceiling
is the sky
for the classroom.
– Zoe Ryder White
This week we are reading;
The Pencil Sharpener
I think there are a hundred bees
inside the pencil sharpener
and they buzz
and buzz
and buzz
until my point
is sharp!
– Zoe Ryder White
We will be learning about how poets make line breaks to show their reader how they want their poem to be read. 
In Maths we are practising our basic facts. We will start by gathering some baseline data to find our starting points and then we will work at getting quicker as the year progresses. 

In Reading we are continuing to work on our visualising strategy. Remember to read over the holidays. Epic Books is an app we use at school that has hundreds of great books online. Right now they are offering a months free trial- perfect for the holidays! 
Have a safe and enjoyable holiday and I will see you on 1 May. 
This Week:
Library: Wednesday (whoops sorry we forgot again last week!!!!) 
PAY IT FORWARD MUFTI- Thursday 13 April we will finish the term with a school mufti day. The theme will be: come dressed in something you love doing, your passion, your interest or maybe your dream of someone or something you would like to be in the future. The charge for mufti is voluntary and any money raised will go into a pay it forward account to help our families who may struggle to afford technology, a decent lunch, Friday experiences or trips like camp. Assembly 2:20 Thursday 

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