Sunday, 2 April 2017

Week 10 Already!

Wow! Where has time gone? It is already week 10 and only 9 school days are left in the first term. I guess the saying is true- time really does fly when you are having fun!

We are very much in the thick of our personal inquiries now with the children concluding their sorting out activities and reflecting and acting on what they have learned. This looks different for each group. So far we have a group making a little movie, some blogging, others creating a web of helpers within our school. There are maps being made, images googled and an electric buzz in the air! Thank you to the parents who helped us manage our activities and channel our ideas in productive ways last week. If you are free on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon from 1:45-3pm or on Friday morning from 9:15-10:40 this week please let me know.

I am also looking for 3 volunteers to help with a little Easter activity rotation on the final Thursday (13th) of this term- time TBC. This would involve getting messy dying eggs, running a little game or helping with an Easter craft. The activities will not have any religious themes but are guaranteed to involve plenty of cotton wool balls and shredded coloured tissue! A small chocolate treat may be given to the children. If you would prefer your child not partake, please let me know and I will organise an alternative non-food based treat like stickers.

In writing this week, we are going to be working on our editing and publishing skills. We call this Fixing up and Fancying up!

In writing we continue with our comprehension strategy of visualising
Check out the children's Nogard (Dragon backwards) Visualisations on our classroom wall. What amazing imagination they all have! 

In Maths, we are all working on knowing the numbers that come before and after. Your child will be working within a range that challenges their specific needs. For some that is knowing before and after to  5, 10, 20 or even 100 ! This is an easy skill to practise at home with the kids or on long car journeys over the break!

This Week: 
No more swimming but we will go riding on Thursday again so bring your bikes!

On Friday, Mrs Kember is out of school from lunchtime onwards. The children will be grouped 4 ways and will be spending time with the other classes in our vertical learning community. At home time the children will be accompanied to our neighbouring class M2 (Miss Holm's class) for dismissal. Please look out for your child there. Thank you 😀

Library Wednesday

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