Saturday, 24 June 2017

Week 9

Kia pai tou tatou Matariki!  Happy Matariki (Maori New Year) everyone!

This week we will be learning more about how to use inference skills in reading. In week 8, the children watched some of the Pixar short films I shared in last week's blog and offered some incredibly insightful ideas about the plot and theme of these movies based on what they inferred from the clues given by the film makers. This week, we will concentrate on applying this same thinking to our readers. What does the author infer, but not directly say? 
How do I support my child in making inferences?
While reading with a child, think carefully (perhaps more than you are used to) about what you or your child are reading.
  1. Pay attention to the places where you know what is happening, how a character is feeling, or why an action happened but the author did not explicitly state it
  2. Pause and consider what evidence you used in the text and what you already knew to make the inference
  3. Ask questions to help lead your child to use text evidence and his/her own knowledge and life experiences to make the inference.

“What did the book just say?”
“What does the picture show?”
“What just happened?”
“When you feel [character emotion], what do you do?”
“What did it mean when [event] happened at school?”

The children are busy publishing some of their work from the term this week, so there will be a lot of revising and editing going on during writing time. 

In Maths, we continue developing our foundation skills for multiplication and division. We will also be weighing items and comparing objects by their weight. 

This Week:
Monday - Library
Thursday - Hannah in for Jo
Friday: No full school assembly 

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