Monday, 5 June 2017

Week 6

I trust everyone had a wonderful long weekend. My family took in the sights of Tauranga and the Mount.

Week 6 is a short week, but we will be sure to squeeze a lot in! Hannah's day is changing to Tuesday this week, so I will be in the room on Thursday instead.

This week, we are starting to think about, and pose our personal inquiry questions around change. We will be reflecting on all the reactions we have caused and wondering about how altering the methods, ingredients or quantities might change the reaction.

In Writing, we are wrapping up our Nonfiction books and getting them ready to share with an audience. We think you will be amazed by the way the children can write to inform.

In Maths, we will be learning about the concept of multiplication by making 'sets of' materials. The children will be grouping materials into equal sets and telling about their sets using the sentence- "I have _ sets of _. There are _ in total. " e.g I have 3 sets of 2. There are 6 in total. At the emergent level, children will count all the materials in their set to find the total. As they progress through the stages, they begin skip counting to find their total, use repeated addition or arrays to hep them solve multiplication problems.

In Reading, we continue to focus on asking questions, before, during and after reading to strengthen our connection to the story or remember information in the books we read. 

In PE we will be working on our striking skills, together with the underarm throw. We will join together with out VLC team on Fridays (weather permitting) for rotations of skills and drills to benefit our range of winter sports. There will be netball, basketball, soccer, hockey and dodgeball skills to begin with. 

Have a great week everyone! 

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