Saturday, 29 July 2017

Term 3, Week 2

Last week we did a lot of thinking and talking about our Inquiry related to Moving and why people move. We read The Leaving Morning, by Angela Johnson 
This helped me to tune in to the children's experiences with moving and encouraged the children to start making text-to self connections. This is a strategy we are using a lot in reading this term. 
Our displacement activity has been postponed to this week- likely Wednesday- weather dependent) due to a scheduling clash on Friday. 

In Maths, the children have been inquiring into shapes and attributes. We began our inquiry by thinking up as many ways as we could to line up a selection of boxes on a shelf. It was tricky for the children to see past organising the boxes by size at first, but after much thinking and talking they also managed to arrange them by colour, height, writing and no writing, full and empty, lids and no lid, sides, corners etc.  By the end they had collected many more attributes with which to sort shapes and objects. We then applied this skill throughout the week by sorting ranges of shapes that increased in difficulty to sort. Photos of our activities will be posted shortly . 

This week we will be taking our thinking further, identify which shape does not belong within sets of shapes and saying why it does not belong. 
We will also be constructing our own shapes with straws and pipe cleaners. 

In Writing, we are learning about the features of narrative texts. We will be exploring themes like- friendship, courage, kindness, bravery, greed. We will also be talking about characters and character traits. We will be turning ourselves into book characters, describing some of our best and worst traits. 

Thank you for the cardboard boxes. We have quite a few stacked up now. I will let you know when we have used the ones we have and are ready for me. 

This week: 
Tuesday- Hannah (moved from Thursday) 
Wednesday- Displacement activity
Friday- Full school assembly 2:20pm  & Passion Fridays begins 

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