Sunday, 22 October 2017

Week 2

This week in M1 we are learning our songs and dances for the Year 1 Production later in the term. If you are creative and would like to help with costumes or props, please let me know. Your child can practise using the links below or on our Blendspace Page here:

We have been doing a lot of good thinking about Sustainability. Chloe gave us a wonderful introduction to Sustainability and got us thinking about things we can change in our lives to help the sustain the Earth's resources. Chloe has set our class a BIG goal of becoming single-use plastic free.  Hopefully your child has started talking to you about ways to cut down on packaging in their lunch boxes and the correct ways to dispose of plastic when you have it. We are going to be exploring this idea more in week 2. Our big questions are - What is worth saving? and What is my impact and how can I change my impact?

"Mo Mania" is growing in our classroom as we look deeper into the writing of Mo Willems and innovate on his book 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.' We are going to be identifying the formula of the books and planning out the pages of our books this week. We have looked at generic persuasive statements (like 'I bet your Mum would let me'  and persuasive statements that are specific to the topic of the book ( My cousin Harry drives a bus everyday!). We have identified our own topics and come up with 5 of our own persuasive statements that are specific to our topics. The children had fun learning to draw the Pigeon in different positions to convey different emotions.

We are adding to our Passion Friday choices within our Vertical Learning Community this Term. The children will get to pick one of the following free choices to participate in from this week to week 6 . We will organise everything at school- no need for you to do anything :)
The choices are:
1. STEAM Activities - Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths activities involving creative problem solving
2. Chinese Culture and Basic Mandarin
3. Comic strip art
4. Minecraft & coding
5. Art- Visual interpretation
6. Recycled Art
7. Rippa / Tag Sport

Please remember to send your child with a regulation school hat. From Week 3 it is 'no hat- no play beyond shaded places'.

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