Sunday, 29 October 2017

Week 3

Happy Halloween everyone! It was lovely to see so many of you having fun at the Halloween Disco on Friday night. Your costumes looked amazing!

On 7th November we are taking a trip. Our trip will take in two stops- the Honey Centre in Warkworth, and the Parry Kauri Museum and it's native forest walk. This trip supports our inquiry around sustainability. We will be learning about the importance of bees in maintaining the balance of our planet's ecosystems. We will take a walk thorough the native forest to appreciate the nature of NZ and try to identify some native trees to NZ. We will pop inside the museum to learn about how logging happened in the past. When we return to school we will compare it to the speed and methods used to clear forests around the world today. For this trip we will need 5 parent volunteers for our class if possible. Please let me know if you are available to come, and try to return the form as promptly as possible when it is sent out. If you have opted to pay as you go, payment can be made at the office. The final amount will be confirmed in the notice, but will be around $20. If you paid the activity fee at the start of the year, the cost is covered by the remaining amount in your account, so further payment should not be necessary at this stage.

Save the Date for the Year 1 Production- There will be two performances 6th Dec at 9:30am and 7th Dec at 2pm. We hope you can make one of the shows. Our theme is Christmas around the World.  M1 is partnering with B3 to bring you a taste of a Hawaiian Christmas- ALOHA!
Where possible we will try to provide costume items, but request that parents of boys dancers and ukelele players try to find a Hawaiian style shirt and combine it with a pair of summer shorts. Start asking friends or family now if you don't have one in your child's wardrobe.
Girls, please wear a plain bright coloured singlet top (no words on front if possible) and dark shorts/short for under their grass skirts. We will provide skirts and leis, but if you have a grass skirt or lei at home please send it/them in before we buy more to top up our collection).
A small number of children have asked to be palm trees- if that is your child they need brown/black pants and a long sleeve plain brown top (no writing if possible). At school we will add leaves to the top with safety pins- similar to the picture below. I will be in touch if your child's costume differs from the above listed items. If you know you will be absent for these dates, please let me know so we do not purchase items for your child. Thanks :)

Mufti Day Tuesday- no donation needed. Costumes can be worn if desired, but please no weapons!

Regulation school hats will be enforced from this week, so please ensure you child has the correct hat at school.

Whole School Assembly Friday
Hannah for Jo on Thursday

Have a great week!

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