Sunday, 7 May 2017

Term 2, Week 2

Our Term started with a BANG last weeks with our little scientists tuning in to the world of chemical change and states of matter through a series of experiments. Ask your child about our fizzing rocks or dancing raisins!  Stay tunes for some photos and videos of our experiments later in the week. We will continue exploring and wondering early on this week and will move into our Finding Out stage towards the end of the week. As part of Finding Out, we will learn about the different States of Matter- Solids, Liquids and Gases. Expect some big questions at home! 

In Writing, we continue to explore the genre of Nonfiction books. Last week, the children acted as detectives, trawling through piles of nonfiction books to discover important parts/features of nonfiction texts. The children selected a topic they considered themselves to be experts on and this became the topic for their first nonfiction text. They created their cover and did some note-taking from their prior knowledge and from their research in books from our amazing school library. This week they will learn how to group their information, make a labeled diagram and learn what a caption is.

In Reading, we continue to practise finding and reading 'Just Right' books. We are also going to be brushing up on our retelling skills, so spending a little extra time retelling the story after reading it at home wold be very helpful in reinforcing this skill.

In Maths, we continue with our exploration of Place Value.  Being able to skip count by 10's to 100 is essential to success with Place Value, so we are doing a lot of practise in this area in class. The children will be using beads on pipe cleaners this week to make groups of ten and then adding the groups of tens together with any ones to make a two digit number.

Te Reo- We are learning to ask how our friends are using - Kei te pÄ“hea koe ___?

This Week:
Monday- Library 
Tuesday - Jo on Release- Hannah in  M1. Weather permitting, We will also have a Tsunami Drill. 

Reminder:  Wednesday 24 May is our Learning Celebration. School finishes at 12:30pm that day.  
To book a time slot: 
The children will be preparing over the coming weeks and are very excited to let you see school through their eyes. If you are unable to make it, please let me know as soon as possible. For more information click here 

Have a wonderful week! 

Warmest Regards,
Jo Kember

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