Saturday, 27 May 2017

Week 5

SMILE! It's time for our school photos on Monday morning. Please ensure you are wearing correct uniform and having a good hair day! 

This week we are learning about dissolving as a permanent change and starting to think about what we would like to investigate for our personal inquiries around change. 

In writing we are continuing on with our own nonfiction books. We are learning about fun fact pages, different kinds of pages and how-to pages this week. 

In Reading, we are learning more about the comprehension strategy of questioning.We will be learning more about how to make and read contractions like; I'm, don't, can't etc

In strand maths we are moving on from area to learning about weight. They will be comparing objects by weight and using non standard units (like blocks, books, any everyday object). 
Our math strategies work is going to be around the skills need to begin understanding multiplication.  This unit explores early multiplication where students are encouraged to skip count to solve story problems, rather than counting all.  For example "John has 3 ponds and there are 2 fish in each pond.  How many fish are there altogether?"  Students will be encouraged to solve this problem by going 2, 4, 6.  "There are 6 fish altogether." We will not be rote learning our multiplication facts as part of this unit. 

For Your Diary:
No Assembly Friday 
Social Event Thursday 22 June MBG 

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