Sunday, 14 May 2017

Week 3

This week we will be preparing for our Learning Celebration. This will involve the children selecting and reflecting on pieces of their work, learning how to share their ideas with others, and talk about their next learning steps. They are very excited to have you visit our classroom and get a glimpse into their school day. As it is their first time doing this kind of sharing, a lot of rehearsal and role playing will take place in preparation. For this reason, our reading programme may be altered later in the week to allow time for this to take place. Your child may bring home a book they have read previously as their own pick-box choice rather than a new book.  Remember to sign up for a time if you haven't done so already- details of how to do this can be found in this week's newsletter.

In Writing this week, the children continue to learn about non-fiction books and are hard at work creating their own amazing book WITH CHAPTERS! This week they are learning that all the information in a nonfiction book must be true and using scientific words is important.

In Reading, the children continue to work on giving a detailed retell at the end of their story, including information about the characters, setting, problem, solution and putting the events in sequential order.

In Maths, the children continue to explore Place Value. They will play games involving making and counting tens and ones. If you are lucky, they may just teach you one of the games when you visit! This will lead on to the addition strategy of partitioning numbers in to their tens and ones to add two digit numbers together. For now, we are just getting a lot of practise counting by tens and adding on the ones to form 2 digit numbers.

We are now into the Finding Out stage of our Inquiry into Change. The children have had lots of opportunities to play around with creating a chemical change, now it is time to start delving in to  WHY change happens. We will be learning as much as we can about the science behind chemical change. On Thursday and Friday last week, we learned a lot about States of Matter. After reading and watching clips about Matter, we played a molecule game where they children moved around the room like molecules. When I called out 'Solid'  the children huddled together as closely as they could,  "Liquid'  made the children spread out a little and flow around the room together, changing the shape of their group to flow between solid objects like tables. "Gas' made the children float aimlessly around the room staying far apart from each other. It was a fun way to understand the 3 States of Matter. This week we are going to be thinking about permanent and temporary changes. We will learn what these words mean and explore the idea of these kind of changes through more experiments involving dissolving, heating and freezing. Towards the end of the week Humpty Dumpty may make an appearance, tragedy may befall him and they children will be asked to investigate- Can Humpty be put back together again?

P.E. involves a lot of throwing and catching skills and drills for the next three weeks and will add on to the skills we have been working on when moving with a ball. 

This week: 
Byron Jenkins joins our class for the week for his first teaching practicum. Welcome Byron!

Monday- Library 
Thursday- Bring your bike 
Friday - Learn the Poi with Mrs Palmer for anyone interested 9.15-10.45 am outside the office.

Have a great week everyone!

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